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The Unfastend Heart Illustration

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Rosie's Website Home Web Design

Rosie's Florist.

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The Talk Photography
Ron Photography
Harley-Davidson Poster Illustration
Pest-B-Gone Tee Shirt Illustration
Two Stroke Pattern Illustration
Critical Thinker Illustration
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Ivio Smart Phone Illustration
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Rosie's Website Web Design
About Me
About Me

Hello! My name is Marc Kilgore. I am a graphic designer specializing in all aspects of new media art in the Chicago area. My work is somewhat known in the Cook County area, where I exhibit in some of the local public galleries. I am educated at the International Academy of Design & Technology in graphic design, where upon I'm a student working on my BA. In this website you can view my portfolio of varied graphics and images and also learn a little more about me through the work displayed and the software used to create this work. The galleries in this portfolio may give you an idea of the kind of work I love do.

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"Treat yourself to a wonderful experience. You deserve it"

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Stomp Shoes Brochure Print
Stomp Shoes Brochure Print
Mossy Tree Photography
Calvary Baptist 1 Print
Trees Photography

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Instant Offices Web Design
Florentine's Flyer Illustration
Fallen Angel Photography
Pest-B-Gone Back CD Case Insert Print
The Skate Party Photography
Calvary Baptist 2 Print
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KCC Web Design
Gibson Guitars Brochure Print
The Big Squeeze
The Big Squeeze Illustration
Aelle Illustration
Gibson Guitars Brochure Print
Rosie's CD Cover Print
FireWire CD Cover Print
Pest-B-Gone CD Case Print
Pest-B-Gone CD Label Print
John Howard Homes Web Design
FemCal Print
The Art of Fer Garza Web Design
Dell Banner Illustration
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Kill Devil Bottle Label Illustration
Bike Photography
Forest Girl Photography
Village Photography
The Florida Quorum Print
Trees Photography

"When I'm playful I use the meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude for a seine, and drag the Atlantic Ocean for whales. I scratch my head with the lightning and purr myself to sleep with the thunder."

~ Mark Twain
KCC Web Design
Imagical Post Card Print
Select Illustration
John Howard Homes Web Design
Chu's Menu Print
Pest-B-Gone Package Design Print
Symphonia Poster Print
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